Team Competence.

We carry competence to understand operational and functional requirement of diverse sectors. We translate demands into systems and products, an edge many of our peers do not have. We take pride in our professional experience, technology know-how, efficiency, dedication and above all a burning desire to excel. We are the preferred partner of many international suppliers who specialize in producing hi-tech equipment and provide optimum solutions.

SAT Team

SAT is presently composed of the following teams, having years of experience and competence in the field; the SAT is currently dealing with.

Trading Sub Division

Air Cdre Sajid Mahmood Awan (Retd)
General Manager

Gp Cpt Muhammad Ayaz (Retd)
Deputy General Manager (Conts Mng)
Gp Cpt Munir Ahmad (Retd)
Deputy General Manager (BD & Def Conts)
Gp Capt M Wakeel Qureshi (Retd)
Deputy General Manager (Trading & Export)

Gp Cpt Muhammad Yousuf (Retd)
Manager (POL & Elects)
Wg Cdr Ejaz Ahmad Khan (Retd)
Manager (Def Conts)
Wg Cdr Hamid Asad Khan (Retd)
Manager (Dev & Civ Conts)

Wg Cdr Shahir Yar Khan (Retd)
Manager (Admin, R&LA)
SqnLdr Muhammad Safoor (Retd)
Manager (S & W)
Sqn Ldr Ashfaq Ahmad (Retd)
Manager (Conts Mng)

Mr Muhammad Aslam
Manager (Finance)