To emerge as one of the largest supplier of all types of stores (especially Defence Equipment) to Govt, Semi Govt and Civilian set ups to meet their envisaged needs and to provide bonded warehouse facilities to multinational suppliers of defence equipment.

Equipped with our passion for excellence and supported by a dedicated team of competent professionals, we translate client’s requirements into passions to achieve not only results but a deep sense of satisfaction.


To grow in the field of Communication, Communication Security, IT & IT Protection, Aerospace, Software Development, System Integration, Power & Energy and Financial Services etc. Discovering, acquiring, operating and maintaining optimum solutions in these specialized fields is a formidable challenge in a technologically evolving world. SAT solves this problem efficiently and cost effectively.

SAT is a partner you can lean upon. For, it is our core competence to find the right blend of technology, innovation and expertise custom-made around your specific needs. Our main strength lies in our after sales support.


SAT is cognizant of the market needs in the defense sector as well as public and private sectors. We are striving to fill the technology gap with particular emphasis on ground, naval and aerospace defense and equally well in public security and safety through reputed and renowned top-of-the-line technology manufacturers, exporters and service providers. Our services range from provisioning, installation, commissioning and training on turnkey solutions, to upgrading/updating existing capabilities and repair & maintenance of high-tech imported systems and machines. Based in Rawalpindi, SAT is a value addition distributor and turnkey solution provider specializing in:

  • Ground, Aerial and Naval Defense
  • Electronic Warfare and Security
  • Information Systems, Telecom and IT
  • Communication Security and IT Forensics
  • Aerospace
  • Procurement and supply of all types of stores to civil Departments
  • Procurement and supply of defence related equipment
  • Joint ventures with civil organization / suppliers
  • Multi-layered PCBs Designing
  • Smart technology devices for educational institutions
  • Design and development of communication, electronics & Electro-mechanical systems
  • High Pressure Gas Compression Systems
  • High Voltage Converter Test Bench

  • Fiber Mast Antenna
  • R&D services for product development
  • Manufacturing through Design & Development process
  • System development, integration & testing
  • Complete documentary coverage of every product
  • Software development (Defence and commercial applications)
  • Consultancy and representation
  • Trading and Indenting
  • Bonded Warehouse Facilities to foreign firms engaged in business related to aviation with the defense forces
  • Test & Measurement
  • Power and Energy
  • Technical Surveillance, Counter Surveillance Solutions and IT Intrusion
  • Financial Services